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East Coast Academy was opened for the sole purpose of offering an Authentic Martial Arts program taught by experienced and well trained Instructors that encourages the blending and mixing of various arts. Our Instructors hold certifications under the most prestigious and world renowned Instructors.

At East Coast Academy, we tailor the programs to each individual enabling them to grow to their full potential.

Classes at East Coast Academy

What Students Are Saying...

East Coast Academy of Martial Arts rescued me from the daily grind of life! ECA has been a welcome distraction from the stresses and pressure that come with career, family, etc...I came to ECA with zero martial arts experience. Michele Thompson has used the right blend of instruction, support and no nonsense direction to make the experience exciting, interesting, and rewarding. I'm glad to be a part of ECA and look forward to the challenges.

—Michael Guido

Exercise is good for you. It's common knowledge, but the thought of going to the gym and running in place or using any of those machines for even 15 minutes has always felt like torture to me. I always found it sooooooo boring. So when SiFu opened across the street from where I was living, it seemed like a great opportunity to try something physically and mentally demanding. And let me tell you, it was. And better yet, I enjoyed every second of it. In the first four months I lost 20 pounds. Without dieting. Everyone at East Coast Martial Arts Academy has become like family and when the workouts are especially intense you can always count on someone to cheer you through it. Because of ECAMA I've lost 2 pant sizes and am in better shape than I have been since I was a teenager. Thanks, guys!!

—Barbara Wentzel

Come for the martial arts, stay for the fun! The learning is serious, but the atmosphere is fun and relaxed. The skills you acquire and the conditioning are tremendous!

—Wright Seneres

I can’t imagine going anywhere else for martial arts lessons! I appreciate being in a class where every student is striving to reach their own personal best, and every person – no matter their skill level – is very encouraging of those around them. As a beginner (and a woman) I thought I might feel intimidated, but I was greeted with a warm welcome from my very first class!

—Alice Seneres

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